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Kmart sends word on May the 4th Promotion!
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 29 2016
"MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU: New Star Wars Exclusive Action Figure at Kmart

Star Wars Day is fast approaching and Kmart is celebrating the fan holiday by introducing its newest Star Wars collectible action figure: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Black Series Rey Figure Exclusive.

The exclusive Rey figure features a Starkiller Base that is similar to Kmart’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Black Series Kylo Ren Figure Exclusive that was released last year in advance of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere.

While sold separately, both exclusive figures’ Starkiller bases interlock, replicating the epic snowy woods battle scene between Rey and Kylo Ren in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film.

Far-far-away fans and collectors alike can snatch up the new exclusive Rey figure in-store or online at Kmart.com beginning on May 4, 2016 for $24.99. The exclusive Kylo Ren figure is currently available for $24.99 in-store and online at Kmart.com.

Kmart also has Star Wars merchandise from home décor to apparel, footwear and more so the whole family can join the force."

Folks I am happy to report that both of these are in-stock!

Starchaser gives us a background character...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 29 2016
"Skarim, a Bandalog traveler: the Bandalog are a little known (and rarely encountered) species that inhabit one of the small moons, Magin, that orbit the giant barren world of Zenis-D right at the edge of the Unknown Region. Bandalog are a long-lived and slow-paced species that generally practice a philosophy of intentional simplicity. This has led to most who encounter the Bandalog seeing them as no threat and has allowed the Bandalog to live at peace for eons. In truth, the Bandalog have very advanced technology (like Skarim's vibronic utilitool), but are non-violent. Bandalog are deliberate and thoughtful and most view themselves as philosopher-poets, not leaving their home planet. Skarim was chosen, because he is young (three hundred years old) and more adventurous than most, to travel to Bimmisaari and other university worlds to explore the philosophical ideas of the rest of the galaxy and report back to his home world what he has discovered."

Our Verse sorely needs characters like this. It was nice to see an update!

Jetpack Blues updates us on his 1313 Custom Mando...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 29 2016
"Progress is slow, which isn't a shock with a baby. But he is coming along. My current issue is, I can't find a good way to attach the soft good belt straps together. I may try a soldering iron as glue doesn't seem to work."

It sure does look pretty spot on to me.

JDeck shares more SW Model News...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 29 2016
"I'm happy with the new lineup. The A-wing is awesome, and it'll be out next month. At 133mm the "actual" a-wing is 9.6m= 31.5 feet a large estimate, but 10 yards seems right. The new x-wing doesn't have a listed scale. I did the math based on wookieepedia it is very close to 1/144, actually 1/145.348, close darn enough, less than 1% out of scale, so that's awesome.

I absolutely love the Star destroyer, I very rarely say that about anything. I'm no Star Destroyer expert, but it looks to me like the Star Destroyer Avenger. Its only about 111mm or 4.37", But tons of detail. Scale is about 1/14,414. Like Yoda said "Size matters not...judge me by my size, do you?" They're doing sort of a non specific scale pocket-kit type thing, but very good detail.

They're up for sale if you want them, Star Destroyer $19.00, on Amazon. I always wait until available on Prime, ends up being faster to wait sometimes. Also if you look on Bandai's website the suggested retail is 648 Japanese Yen, which comes out to about $6.01 including 8% tax. So I'd wait a week or two, till the market levels off. New kits are always inflated, people are trying to make a killing off of american buyers since Bandai is banned. In a couple of weeks the prices will drop, and it'll be on Prime, which is great.

Star Destroyer


Of course 1/12 Kylo Ren is coming in the next day or so. He looks pretty cool. Again, I'd wait a while, unless you live in Japan."

Pretty nice advice from a guy who knows his models!

Anovos announces last call on the Driver and TIE PIlot!
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 29 2016
"As we approach final production on the Star Wars AT-AT Driver™ costume ensemble and helmet accessory, we will close the pre-order window to ensure adequate stock is available for shipping. Order by April 30th to ensure you won't miss out on this costume from ‎The Empire Strikes Back‬!

As we approach final production on the Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot™ costume ensemble and helmet accessory, we will close the pre-order window to ensure adequate stock is available for shipping. Order by April 30th to ensure you won't miss out on this costume!"

I highly recommend the Driver Outfit. To me it looks pretty accurate. Its not perfect, but daggone close! ‪

Meet the Freemaker Family | LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 29 2016
"Introducing new heroes and villains to the LEGO Star Wars universe, the animated television series "LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures" will premiere MONDAY, JUNE 20 (10:00 a.m. EST) on Disney XD. Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the action comedy series follows the Freemakers, a family of sibling scavengers who operate a salvage and repair shop in space. The series will also feature familiar characters and locations from the filmed Star Wars saga."

Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store lists great new Star Wars Items!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 28 2016
After Darth Vader and Luke join forces to defeat the Emperor, Vader asks Luke to help him remove the mask that covers his face so he can look upon his son with his own eyes. This highly articulated 6” figure of Darth Vader includes a removable helmet and his light saber. $22.99

This just in from Kotobukiya….The Star Wars Episode VII Captain Phasma ArtFX+ Statue that features her reflective armor, weapons and cape for $59.99; and the Aliens Alien Warrior ArtFX+ Statue that is crouched on a specially designed display base inspired by the flooring on the Sulaco spaceship for $69.99. These 2 amazing items and more can be found here:

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster Sixth Scale weapon. Featuring a portable power generator with conduit hose, the Imperial Army's powerful blaster can be positioned up and down or from side to side, to create a custom display, the perfect complement to any Star Wars Imperial Army trooper sixth scale collection. $159.99

Tamashii Nations has done it again with the next addition to the Japanese feudal-style Meisho Movie Realization line. Third to join this unique series is the artillery packed Teppo Ashigaru Sandtrooper! The Sandtrooper version comes with two gun powder type rifles and a Japanese katana sword ready for battle. The special backpack is designed with meticulous detail and finished with a rusty look. $89.99

The Laurel is an industrial powered suit with a cockpit and hatch that features a linked mechanical structure between hatch and main engine, and is built to accommodate the included Ghost 7 Pilot. This clear Ghost version comes with a shoulder cannon and grenade launcher and is a limited edition of 800 worldwide. $99.99

Expand your Eaglemoss Publications collections with these new offerings including 2 The Walking Dead Figures, 2 The Hobbit Motion Picture Figure Collection, 5 Marvel Fact Files including a new Special Edition, 4 Marvel Chess Figures, 2 DC Superhero Best of Figures, the second watch in the new DC Watch Collection, a DC Masterpiece Figure, 3 Star Trek Starships, and the first item in the new Star Trek Dedication Plaque line.

You still have time to submit your entry!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 28 2016
As a part of the awesome Takodana Encounter Set I received I also received the above notice about a cool way to possible have your collection photos used by Hasbro in their booth at SDCC this year.

All you have to do is create a scene using your action figures and vehicles from The Force Awakens and using the hashtags:



you can submit your images directly from now till May 4th! I liked the idea so much I decided to further up the ante by running a The Force Awakens Challenge Contest for folks who decide to do this. Read the full details and get to creating folks!

Thanks once again the Kelsey and the fine folks at Litzky and Hasbro for this awesome custom creating idea!

Ron Hembling updates his latest Falcon Dio...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 28 2016
"Hi All,

Another little update, I ran out of foam board so I'll have this hold until after the weekend when I go and get some more.

I added the landing gear holding areas and did some frame work for when I add the hull.


Talk about one cool project. I can't wait to see it when he gets done.

Panther finishes us some custom Sith...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 28 2016
"Last night before heading out I added another layer of to all, thinking that they were finished until I looked at them this morning. I really have to work on their eyes lol! I had a slight accident with the hooded lord, while putting his cape on, it snapped one of this eyebrow tendrils, to be honest I kind of like that way, gives him a battle scar.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of Lord Scourge, Darth Stro (guess who's body was used lol) and my hooded Sith Lord.

I have included a special photo just for Tamer. As requested, a Sith Temple filled with Sith lords, a bounty hunter and 2 HK-50's."

Why thank you! I do enjoy a good Sith set up and he for sure has one!

BDC41866 gives us more!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 28 2016
"Heres a Rebel scout and sharpshooter. More to come..."

I like the new Rebel. I think I may even remember the comic pack the head came from for this new custom.

JDeck keeps us aware of new Models...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 28 2016
"I was reading a rumor of bandai making an a-wing, and death star turret. http://modelkitsreview.com/bandai-1-72-a-wing-starfighter/

The a-wing I believe its a combo pack with a Death Star cannon, since a 1/72 A-wing is so small. Not sure though. Bandai is being very secretive lately, so they might have something good cooking.

I just checked the website, they have tons of new kits on the horizon. http://bandai-hobby.net/sw/jp/schedule/
X-wing, star destroyer, clone trooper a-wing and Poe's T-70."

I always enjoy JDeck's new model news.

Gentle Giant rolls out 2016 Premier Guild Membership...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 28 2016
"2016 Premier Guild Membership Benefits:

Membership is valid from April 2016 through March 31st, 2017.

Members will have an option to choose from 4 Premier Guild Exclusives as their FREE gift! This year we will be offering a selection of 4 Star Wars pieces. You will have the option to purchase the other 3 items.

Members will receive 10% off all their orders of non-exclusive/regular release products placed directly through the Gentle Giant Ltd. Website.

Premier Guild Members will receive a one time use $30 coupon code for use on a purchase of in stock merchandise when they purchase the 2016 PG Membership.

In addition, Premier Guild Members will receive a $10 gift certificate code for use on any on line purchase (including pre-orders) All Pre-Orders for PG Members will be guaranteed. There will be no more conditional or wait listing for our members. (If pre-ordered during the pre-order time frame)

You may one or more PGM 2016 gifts on an order. Please Note: You will be charged separate shipping and handling charges per shipment (not order).

First hand opportunity to purchase any exclusive that we create. This includes all distributor, international, and convention exclusives. While supplies last.

Opportunity to pre-order and post-order San Diego Comic Con Exclusives before anyone else. While supplies last. Limit one per member unless otherwise noted.

We will also be offering exclusive variants and bonus accessories for some of our 2016 releases created just for our PG members!

Option to purchase our exclusive annual Holiday Release.
Receive inside scoop with sneak peeks of upcoming product as well as interviews from behind the scenes. This will include more information than our normal newsletter and website updates."

I am really liking that Ugnaut Two Pack!

Hasbro Toy Shop lists new 6" Black Series Wave...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 27 2016
I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I logged in and was able to add to my cart and purchase:

Black Series 6" Ahsoka

Black Series 6" ANH Luke Skywalker

Black Series 6" Kanan

I don't look for these to last long so add em to your cart and check out quick!

UPDATE: It looks like Ahsoka is going in and out of stock sporadically so keep trying!

I-am-Boba-Fett is back with an update...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 27 2016

a couple of custom Star Wars figures
made by me awhile back but just getting around to posting them here.

First up is a custom VURK ENFORCER figure. I was thinking he works for one of the galaxies many crime lords as hired muscle.
This one of a kind figure features:
- Articulated head, arms, and legs.
- Custom resin cast neck area and head.
- Custom blaster pistol included.
- Custom paint work.

This Vurk figure is FOR SALE here:

Up second is a custom SHOZER RESISTANCE TECHNICIAN figure.

This one of a kind figure features:
- Articulated head, arms, shoulders, elbows, waist, and legs.
- Custom resin cast neck and sculpted details.
- Custom paint work.

This Shozer figure is FOR SALE here"

I like the look of both. You can add one or both to your own custom collection!

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