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Vote for the next Vintage Fan's Choice Figure!
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 28 2017
The vote is a bit late, but better late than never. I am pretty pleased with the final six! Click here to go vote!

See the new Battlefront II Trailer?
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 28 2017
I don't know what rock I have been hiding under (I mean the video only has 9 plus million views), but wow this looks fantastic.


Watch the full length reveal trailer for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II from Star Wars Celebration.

Discover more: https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/bat...

Live the untold Star Wars story of Iden, an elite Stormtrooper, in an original single-player story. Battle on land and in space in an expanded multiplayer experience with iconic heroes and villains, thrilling space battles, and a deep progression and customization system.

Subscribe for upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay video’s: http://bit.ly/2oDLwKI

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Release Date: November 17, 2017

It looks like Amazon.com has a pretty cool pre-order up for this too!

Mr. Jedi 1977 hints at his May the 4th Celebration...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 28 2017
"I thought I would give a preview of whats coming on may the 4th! For the most part some have been shown already but I have taken better pictures and most have been upgraded from the last time I posted . So here is Ponda Baba with the correct size head and with real whiskers, Melas, Davelyn Schmee, The Cantina Band, Takeel with corrected hair and outfit, and an articulated Wuher. So untill may 4th the month long celebration I hope you enjoy the prieview."

Bronxstalker back with a new Mando Heavy Gunner...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 28 2017
"Thanks guys. Here's another Mando Merc, heavy gunner."

Matter of fact he is up for sale on the Bay too if you are interested!

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Available Now For Mobile Devices...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, April 28 2017
"Star Wars: Puzzle Droids™, the first mobile Star Wars™ casual puzzle game, is now available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. The brand new match-3 adventure invites players to tap into the holographic memory banks of BB-8 for an epic Star Wars™ adventure. The journey will feature familiar scenes and previously untold moments through compelling gameplay and interactive puzzle boards. Players can journey across Jakku and Takodana, and take on the First Order alongside such familiar faces as Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron.

Featuring more than 100 levels, Star Wars: Puzzle Droids lets players match-3 to create combos, clear obstacles and face-off against enemies, and unleash epic power-ups to clear the board. Missions can be completed to collect memory discs, which may be used to unlock heroic memories to continue the adventures.

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is available today for free download with in-app purchases.

Toys R Us eBay has the 40th Vintage Vader in stock with free shipping!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 27 2017
I don't look for this to last long, but it was sure awesome to finally secure this even myself tonight! Click here to go secure yours while supplies last! And free shipping to boot!

Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store lists great new pre-order and in stock Items we like!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 27 2017
Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, Stormtroopers, X-Wings, Star Destroyers, AT-AT Walkers, droids, Wookiees, Rebel heroes, and more! Discover the exciting stories of good versus evil in a galaxy far, far away with the Jedha Revolt 4-Pack from Star Wars: Rogue One featuring Jyn Erso, Saw Gerrera, Imperial Hovertank Pilot, and Edrio Two Tubes 3.75-inch figures! $26.99

Each single-carded action figure stands 3.75 inches and features highly articulated modern era sculpts with weapons and accessories to accomplish any mission!

Dark Horse has captured incredible characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones as collectible figures! Sculpted and painted with painstaking detail, these 7–8 inch figures capture each character of the show and the likenesses of the series cast.

Each 3-inch MOTU figure features multiple points of articulation and come with interchangeable accessories and collector’s card. Grab all eleven possible figures for your collection! $13.99

The Transformers battle explodes into uncharted territory when the Titans Return! To control an ancient race of giant city-sized warriors called Titans, the Autobots and Decepticons must harness the power of Titan Masters, smaller bots that give bigger bots increased abilities in battle. Don’t miss out on the latest wave of Titans Return!

Broadside is a triple changer transforming from robot to either an aircraft carrier or fighter jet. Broadside includes Titan Master Blunderbuss and is able to link with Fortress Maximus for an even bigger display! $26.99

The explosive Transformers saga continues with Transformers: The Last Knight, where powerful forces rewrite legend. With the fate of Earth at stake, new heroes must rise in an epic struggle to forge a future for all! Now you can join the battle with the latest Transformers movie collectibles.

Bronxstalker is back with a new Mando and more!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 27 2017
"Latest Mando, GI joe base."

Matter of fact you can also find this one on eBay if you like him as much as I do with a very, very low starting bid.

As if that were not enough there are some interesting commission figures and another finished Mando so be sure to scroll around!

Panther shows us more progress in Gotham...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 27 2017

Last night, I trimmed the all the walls so they all stood flush with one another. I have marked out the corner stones, which I will carve out over the next couple of days before applying a coat of paint to building before starting on the floors.

I have done my usual of sticking the sides together with masking tape to feel for the size."

It is really taking shape now!

Legion078 turns a Catapult Diorama into a multi-ROTJ Display!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, April 27 2017
He has also created a great image tutorial for how he built it all as well. It is great to see the process. You too can turn a picture frame into a great looking diorama/display area for your Star Wars Figures.

John Boyega Pranks Star Wars Fans with Surprise Photobomb at Celebration!
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 26 2017
"John Boyega sneaks up on fans posing for photos at Star Wars Celebration and gets awesome pics and better reactions! For your chance to join the cast at the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere, LEARN MORE: http://strw.rs/60088eUYK"

Bandai AT-AT is looking good!
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 26 2017
We shared some new Bandai News yesterday about a great looking Grevious and I have been waiting to get their new AT-AT and I have to wait no longer! Click here to go get one yourself! With prime shipping I will have mine by Friday!

And if eBay is your preferred provider, their price is pretty decent too!

Ron Hembling starts a ROTJ Dio...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 26 2017
"Hi All,

Started a new dio/display this afternoon and this time it will be Boba with Han in carbonite from RotJ.

The base so far is made using foam board and the grills are from a plastic fly swatter which I cut out from the flat swatting piece.

I have added LED's and they will run of a 9v battery.


Wait till you see a dark shot. The lights are fantastic!

Ron Hembling shares a Planet of the Apes Diorama...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 26 2017
"Hi All,

Finished off a PotA 2 in 1 dio yesterday.


Apes - are from NECA and are 7" scale, I got them into the poses I liked and then glued the joints and puttied them up as well as doing the fur on the heads so that it looked more natural.The figures were painted and weathered using Vallejo paints and pastel chalks.

Bases - are made from the Bandai kits and I used balsa wood for the sides. I used a mix of 40% spakilla and 60% dirt and added it to the base and left it to dry over night.

Once dry I drilled holes into the base where the grass was going to be glued. The grass is real grass and I dipped them into some Methylated Spirits and let it dry out for a few hours, once the grass was all dry I then painted them using Vallejo's Medium Olive and the small grass tufts are from a company called miniNatur.


I do enjoy seeing Ron's new builds!

Phantro makes a cool crossover!
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 26 2017
"Hello! It has been a long while since I tackled a Star Wars custom action figure. Most my customs are crossovers so and in celebration of the upcoming Alien: Covenant film I decided to make a Xenomorph to add to the ranks of the Sith. Thanks for watching."

Now this looks pretty awesome. I don't think I have ever seen an ALIEN used as fodder for a Sith Lord.

Jamie Young shares his progress...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 26 2017
It looks like he is well along his Foam Slave I with Docking Platform Project. I still count the Slave I as among my favorite Star Wars Vehicles.

And its gone quick like!
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, April 26 2017
If you are like me by the time you found out about that around 3 PM Eastern yesterday this was already sold out. From what I can tell it didn't even last 10 minutes. Still, check this link as I look for Hasbro to sell a few more of em before they take it off the Toy Shop.

I am also liking the fact that all the vintage 6 inch is selling out too as it shows Hasbro how popular the vintage carded line is. Here's to hoping they never do away with at least some form of it for a very long time.

And Hasbro, have we said yet how happy and thankful we are you are bring that back to us in the 3.75" line up in the Spring of 2018! To me that was the best news of Celebration!

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