Star-Fall is an original Science Fiction/Fantasy Webcomic written by S.J. Dann and illustrated by J.S. Loomis. Set in the Altarus Starcluster, the comic chronicles the adventures of Rrrouthaan and J'Vaadus Nu, two V'Saah Vao Warriors as they seek a sacred text that might hold the key to saving the universe. The concepts for the main characters  in the series are based on original custom action figure artwork created by S.J. Dann as reference material for J.S. Loomis' illustrations. This unusual creative process is part of what makes the Star-Fall comic series unique.



CREATOR: S.J. DANN A visual artist, writer, and lifelong fan of all things science fiction and fantasy, S.J. Dann was born in New York City and received his BA in Fine Arts and Conflict Resolution from Bennington College. Dann has been blessed/cursed with an overactive imagination, an obsessive eye for minute details, and endless curiosity. His earliest encounter with science fiction came when his father showed him Star Wars Episode IV at the age of 2. That first screening of the iconic film scared and overwhelmed him, but less than a year later, the original Star Wars trilogy would become his favorite film series. It was a short leap from there to a full blown obsession, as Dann devoured all the sci-fi and fantasy comic books, novels, and films he could get his hands on. Once he had read through his father’s comic book collection he began amassing a collection of his own. In addition to comics, he collects action figures and vinyl records. In 2011, Dann combined his artistic skills with his love of action figures and began learning how to make custom action figures and toys. He spent the next couple of years honing his customization skills as he built and painted a wide variety of original concepts and iconic characters. Dann had long dreamed of creating his own fictional universe and adapting it to comic format. He sees endless possibilities for Star-Fall adaptations including a live action television series, a film trilogy, and a series of story-driven, role-playing video games.

ART DIRECTOR/ILLUSTRATOR: J.S. Loomis Born to a published sci-fi writer father and an artist mother, Jerry was exposed to the arts from an early age and soon discovered the comics medium was a perfect way to combine his love of storytelling and drawing. At 17, he became the youngest guest of the annual AggieCon sci fi convention in Texas for his work in fandom publishing. Jerry has a BFA in Studio Art from Lamar University and has been making a full time living as a freelance artist since graduating college, slipping in comic projects in his spare time. His print comic credits include Medics: Code 3, Atomic Mouse, Katmandu, Furry Ninja High School, Night Tiger, and the web comics East Coast vs. West Coast and Lucidity.

PR Fairy/Cosplayer Extraordinaire: JENN CIURLA Jenn is an actress, voice-over talent and cosplay entertainer based in Tampa, FL. She discovered the wonderful world of cosplay thanks to her passion for Star Wars in 2010, where she created her own Star Wars character, Wookielover1138. After creating Wookielover1138, she then began writing and filming her custom action figure and fan art show, the Kessel Run Review, and Jenn was hooked! Jenn is completely self-taught, and collaborates with her husband, Nate, to create her costumes. Over the years, Jenn has built a successful reputation in the cosplay community, working with artists such as Matt Hawkins of Top Cow Productions on exclusive covers, stocking Artist Alley with top talent for Wizard World, Tampa Bay Comic Con, and volunteering at her local comic shops for events. Jenn says she doesn’t just enjoy cosplaying because she loves comics and sci-fi, but what she enjoys most is seeing the smiles on the fans’ faces when they see their favorite characters brought to life.

GUEST ARTIST: David Wendl  David has long been interested in fantasy, science fiction, or simply "strange things". He's not a fan of labels. Somewhere along the way he decided he wanted to be an artist, and so studied Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts. There he produced a short animated film called Sad Robot, which is about a robot who is sad. Since then he's had regular work as a freelance 3D VFX artist, and on the side continues his ongoing quest to depict the lives of robots. David is interested in animation of all kinds. He practices 3D animation, VFX, illustration, and the occasional graphic design. He is also known for his love of baked goods of all kinds, and his inexplicable desire to put a cat in just about every drawing he does.




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