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Title: SDCC 2015 6" First Order Stormtrooper
Post by: Tamer on July 04, 2015, 05:37:22 AM


Hasbro was kind enough to send me one of these and I have to say for the most part I was impressed. See the video review here:

I will also be adding a Facebook Photo Gallery for the first Episode 7 Action Figure we have seen officially.

About the only gripe I had with this one was the single jointed elbows,
rather than the double jointed versions we have seen on previous offerings on trooper style figures. I always hate it when they remove some articulation. It will inhibit the movement there a little bit, but I can't say I wasn't able to get the poses I want. All the other features off the full super articulated treatment we like. The paint apps were crisp. The little slot for the modified E-11 to holster as a part of his leg I though nice too.
The book on the evolution of the Stormtrooper shows a huge blaster rifle to go with this guy too, but we can only hope Hasbro will give us this down the road.

I would give this an overall of 9 out of 10 only missing the top mark because of the de-evolution of the range of motion in the elbow. I know thats being a bit nit picky, but you can see if you agree when you get your hands on it yourself. I know it will be a bit like playing the lottery for the SDCC Version, but this will come in standard packaging when the regular line releases in September. Folks are gonna want to buy this one by the case.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see or know about this figure.
Title: Re: SDCC 2015 6" First Order Stormtrooper
Post by: JDeck on July 04, 2015, 08:01:23 AM
It looks good. The "RoboCop" holster is neat. With the arm articullation it looks good. Sometimes I'd rather have a great sculpt than super articulation. Case in point slave Leia, she looks like a puppet. And with it being the premier figure of the new trilogy they went form over function. Like the IG88 arms , it has those rubber pieces that look good until you want to bend them. But really the one figure that should be super articulated is a stormtrooper.
Title: Re: SDCC 2015 6" First Order Stormtrooper
Post by: Tamer on July 05, 2015, 06:04:21 AM
I agree and am gonna make sure we ask Hasbro about this at SDCC. I hate to see figures devolve. They had the tooling in place for good double jointed elbows for CTs and STs already. I don't know whey they would use one of those again. I am guessing it would be a pretty simple affair to swap that out, but tearing up at least a two dollar figure just for the elbows is crazy. I am hoping if enough sites yell loud now perhaps they can fix it in the regular distribution down the road. Its a long shot at best, but so crazy on Hasbro's part. Although we shouldn't be surprised since we have seen em do it before.