Custom Action Figure News Podcast Archive

We just had a blast talking with Dayton Allen of Sith Fire 30 Customs. He has to be one of the most knowledgeable customizers out there. Grab your beverage of choice, kick back, and enjoy over 2 hours worth of awesome custom goodness he has been working on recently, listen to a tip or two about great products to use in your own customizing, and of course Chad and talk about current news and products of the day. I was actually able to contribute to Whats on the Pegs! As always we will have the mp3 link right here should you wish to just listen to the audio version. Thanks again Dayton for another awesome sit-down. I look forward to hearing his thoughts on all the great new SDCC Previews we will get too soon!

We have started our new video format and Chad Peak aka Peakob1 was kind enough to be our first guest customizer interview. We had a blast and before I knew it hours had passed. Grab a cerveza, kick back, and enjoy his story which showcases many great customs, check out his customizing tools, and learn a custom tip or two. We even made time to do our Star Wars What's on the Pegs and talked about the new Walgreens Exclusive Boba Fett. Once again, you can download the mp3 version onto your favorite device!

We switch to a new video format for podcasting. This is our first trial run using the new stuff to work out the bugs. Its a mix of great customs, Star Wars and JOE collecting and product news, Episode VII news, etc. You can find the full show notes with links on the video itself or in our forums section. Don't worry, if you just can't handle our mugs for almost two hours of catching up you can find the regular download link here!

We had an absolute blast talking with Brian this past Thursday on CAFN. Get yourself a cup of java, kick back, and listen to us talk about his great Kenner inspired play-sets, hear about a cool product called instamorph, and get a small tutorial and preview of what you are in for if you want to do some of your own 3D Printing. Hats off to Jrny Fan for giving us a bit of his time and as always thanks for listening. Download here!

We were joined by Brent aka Twelfth Parsec last night to go over in great detail the great Indiegogo Campaign for his Star Wars Inspired Space Trees. This was just an excellent interview with lots of great insight not only into his wonderful new product and how he is bringing that to the masses, but also the complexity doing something like this on a large scale might not be totally understood by the rest of us. Perhaps we are a little too hard on the Big H when it comes to wanting things like this. It definitely made me think. There are also some great hints about perhaps what projects might be on the burner next. Download here!

Well we ran out of time disseminating all the great Toy Fair information from last week so we had to have Dan Kosa back on to finish up our talk. We previewed the G.I. JOE News, talked about the ISY Q and A with Hasbro, previewed Star Wars REBELS and the Netflix The Clone Wars Lost Episodes release next week, plus there is always time for Whats on the pegs! Download here!