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Here you can find Episodes 79 to 84. Just find the date you want and click the play button. If there is anything you would like us to feature on a future podcast be sure to let us know at or You never know, you could be our next guest. Don't forget to hit the RSS Icon on the left to get automatic updates!

We have also added a Forum Thread where you can ask our next customizer to be interviewed a question or share one of your custom techniques. You could hear your question of technique featured on the next Cast! We also have created a Posterous Page where you can also listen and it links to Facebook!

We have also created a Facebook page and would really appreciate a like if you feel can do so. Please also be sure to check out our Posterous Page where you can also listen and interact.

We were joined by Brent aka Twelfth Parsec last night to go over in great detail the great Indiegogo Campaign for his Star Wars Inspired Space Trees. This was just an excellent interview with lots of great insight not only into his wonderful new product and how he is bringing that to the masses, but also the complexity doing something like this on a large scale might not be totally understood by the rest of us. Perhaps we are a little too hard on the Big H when it comes to wanting things like this. It definitely made me think. There are also some great hints about perhaps what projects might be on the burner next. Download here!

Well we ran out of time disseminating all the great Toy Fair information from last week so we had to have Dan Kosa back on to finish up our talk. We previewed the G.I. JOE News, talked about the ISY Q and A with Hasbro, previewed Star Wars REBELS and the Netflix The Clone Wars Lost Episodes release next week, plus there is always time for Whats on the pegs! Download here!

You knew this one was coming. We did a recap of all the cool things we saw from Toy Fair 2014. We were joined by ISY Roving Reporter Extraordinaire Dan Kosa as we previewed all the new Star Wars Products showcased in NYC with a little Marvel, Transformers, and JOE thrown in for good measure. Hit that play button to see the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. As usual we ran out of time so look for us to finish this up soon! Download here!

Chad and I get Dan back to finish our discussion the Year 2013 in review as it came to our favorite action figures. Our action figure expert Dan Curto shared not only his thoughts about this past year, but also announced great new Hasbro Offerings for 2014. Lets just say Dan was extremely clear about a good many things, and left his usual hints about some things we coud see in the future! Download here!

Chad and I had a great time discussing the Year 2013 in review as it came to our favorite action figures. I will admit my list was pretty SW biased, but Chad has some really surprising choices. We were also joined by action figure expert Dan Curto who shared not only his favorites from this past year, but also announced a great new podcast. Lets just say we will have to get Dan back real soon as surprise, we ran out of time! Download here!

I was one sick puppy during this podcast, but we have been trying since last year this time to get our families arranged to give you a family viewpoint in connection with customizing and collecting through a Q & A Session with our significant others so I hope you will forgive my hacking. I want to personally thank Lucasclones' family Amanda and Emma along with my very own Laurie and Evie as we let them give you guys the full uncensored scoop when it comes to dealing with collectors and customizers like us. We also got to talk about Whats On The Pegs and previewed our Top Five Toys of the Year. And oh yes, wish you a very Happy Holiday Season. Don't forget to get your download link to listen on your favorite personal device!