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Here you can find Episodes 73 to 78. Just find the date you want and click the play button. If there is anything you would like us to feature on a future podcast be sure to let us know at or You never know, you could be our next guest. Don't forget to hit the RSS Icon on the left to get automatic updates!

We have also added a Forum Thread where you can ask our next customizer to be interviewed a question or share one of your custom techniques. You could hear your question of technique featured on the next Cast! We also have created a Posterous Page where you can also listen and it links to Facebook!

We have also created a Facebook page and would really appreciate a like if you feel can do so. Please also be sure to check out our Posterous Page where you can also listen and interact.

We were joined by Master Customizer Glorbes on 12-12-13 who has made a reputation for himself just making huge, epic, iconic creations using nothing other than cardboard, masking tape, and styrene. Definitely click the link to his blog, and we want to thank him for giving us some of his time last night. As always, we did a What's On The Pegs which turned out to be a very short version and showcased some announcements we hope will be helpful. Download here!

There was definitely a Spectre among us last night ( 11-14-2013) as we were joined by Dan Kosa to talk about a small fraction of his great custom work. Hit that play button and listen in as he describes how he turns trash items to custom treasure, describe the construction of some of his awesome dios, describe some of his best custom figure recipes, and get into the details of some of his painting techniques. Download here!

It was great fun catching up with Luke Sprywalker and talking his latest work. We also want to thank our roving reporter Dan Kosa for stopping by to discuss some of his fun last week in the form of the Q and A with Hasbro, The Star Wars Rebels Panel, and the Making of Return of the Jedi information he gleaned. Of course we ran out of time, but that will just give us an excuse to do it again! Download here!

We just had an absolute blast talking with Dayton Allen aka Sith Fire 30 last night about his recent work. Get prepared to take notes as he gives us his tips and techniques to make perfect molds and casts as well as what products he is currently using. Dayton is always on the cutting edge of these types of things and we really appreciate him giving us a bit of his time and letting us query him both with prepared questions and ones live from our social stream (thanks to those folks who showed up too and look for our show notes list in the forums later). Don't worry we definitely got into his latest custom figure work too and even had time to do a whats on the pegs or for me whats out of your wallet! Download here!

Wow, what a great podcast we had with Casey, lead designer for Galactic Merchants: creators of the great new Space Station and Space Cruiser Action Figure Display Dioramas. Needless to say we covered the ins and outs of these great new diorama offerings, covered just a ton of member questions, and even talked about future action figure display dioramas. Lets just say I was left just as excited, if not more so, after the interview than I started out being. Download here!

We were joined last night by Darth Streams aka DS Customs and really had an enjoyable time talking about of his great custom figures. In addition we really delved into the process of making your own custom cardbacks with removable bubbles from both a materials and hardware perspective not to mention some photo-editing work. Stay tuned as we also showcase some of Bill's great PSD templates and all the places he gets his materials from. Download here!