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Here you can find Episodes 67 to 72. Just find the date you want and click the play button. If there is anything you would like us to feature on a future podcast be sure to let us know at or You never know, you could be our next guest. Don't forget to hit the RSS Icon on the left to get automatic updates!

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Chad and I were joined by a very esteemed panel of custom action figure artists to talk about the very controversial subject of commissioning a custom project. Just what is a fair price on a custom action figure or vehicle? We covered this entire process from start to finish, including both the commissioner and the commissionee perspective. We would like to thank Luke Sprywalker, Darth Daddy, and Ratfink's Customs for giving us some time to talk about this. We also really enjoyed all the social stream interaction this evening and hope that trend continues! Download here!

We didn't plan this one, but after seeing some many cool images of our friend Mr. Black (Remco) at Celebration Europe we just had to get him online to talk about all of the great Celebration Europe Reveals. Hear him relate the overall experience as Chad and I grill him over the new Star Wars Rebels and Episode 7 panels. We also get his personal take on the best of what Hasbro has to offer and hear him break down his trip day by day. Download here!

We finish up our talk about SDCC and CE2 as we were joined by Jorge and Mike from the Collectors Cantina as well as over very own Dan Kosa aka The Spectre. The wrap up includes some commentary on Star Wars: Rebels as well as the great John Williams Announcement, not to mention some Celebration VII Rumors! Download here!

Well it was time for Lucasclones and I to officially break down all the wonderful SDCC and CE2 offerings we saw the past few weeks for 2013 and as usual we didn't have enough time. We were joined by Jorge and Mike from the Collectors Cantina as well as over very own Dan Kosa aka The Spectre and we got through Hasbro, Gentle Giant, and Sideshow. We would like to thank all of our guests for their great commentary as this was just very informative and so much fun.Download here!

We want to thank Chad Crafts (C130IM) for giving us just about two hours of his time last night to talk about his custom work and the art of scratch-building. We also learned a little bit about his Alien Invasion Verse, his led work, and look forward to having him back back again at a future date. Download here!

Custom Action Figure News has had a bit of down time to repair some of those pesky rss feed and xml issues we were having and now we are proud to present our new RSS Feed. Listen as Chad and I get back to business with the current issues of the day including; a preview of the new Black 3 and 3/4 Series, a preview of the summer, and of course whats on your pegs in addition to some other odds and end. Thanks for your patience as we strive to expand your listening enjoyment. Download here!