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Here you can find Episodes 55 to 60. Just find the date you want and click the play button. If there is anything you would like us to feature on a future podcast be sure to let us know at or You never know, you could be our next guest. Don't forget to hit the RSS Icon on the left to get automatic updates!

We have also added a Forum Thread where you can ask our next customizer to be interviewed a question or share one of your custom techniques. You could hear your question of technique featured on the next Cast! We also have created a Posterous Page where you can also listen and it links to Facebook!

We have also created a Facebook page and would really appreciate a like if you feel can do so. Please also be sure to check out our Posterous Page where you can also listen and interact.

Well we had planned on a lighting roundtable and while we apologize for that not happening we were able to discuss a few interesting uv and glow paint techniques thanks to the Clonehead. Of course I had to unload about the new 6-inch line announced by Hasbro and we want to thank Clint, L.E., and later Scott for checking in to give us their views on this new announcement. And stay tuned folks, we are not giving up on bringing you a dedicated podcast on how to light up your stuff!Download here!

We were joined once again by Ron Hembling of Hemble's on 1-17-13. It was great fun to talk with him again about his latest projects since we interview him so long ago. If you are thinking about getting into dioramas you will really want to listen in as Ron gives us his list of needed tools and supplies to start you on your diorama journey. He also shares quite a few tips and techniques as well as which environments might be better suited to the beginner. Please forgive my coughing and hacking as the interveiw progresses, but I wasn't missing this interview even though I had the flu! Download here!

Chad and I start our podcasting year on 1-09-13 by reviewing our top ten figures for 2012. We were joined by Zedhatch and Clonehead to go over our favorites. We even took a bit of time to talk about our favorite customs for the year too. Download here!

Chad and I get back to podcasting on 12-29-12. Well we have had a hard time keeping to schedules during the holidays. I managed to get a hold of Shawn up in Hothized WV. We want to wish our listeners a Happy New Year. Get ready for a whole new year of CAFN! Download here!

Chad and I get back to podcasting on 12-09-12. We had great fun just disseminating the current news that was out there as it pertained to collecting, customizing, and Star Wars. Hopefully there a few nuggets to be gleaned from our various ramblings. Download here!

We get back into another roundtable this time on the topic of Kit-Bashing on 11-15-12. This was just a great all around informative episode and a good listen for those folks looking to get into the customizing hobby. We pretty much left not stone unturned. We would like to thank Jonathan of Pack Rat Studios as well as L.E. better known as Luke Sprywalker for showing up to give us their take on this very wide open hobby. Download here!