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Here you can find Episodes 49 to 54. Just find the date you want and click the play button. If there is anything you would like us to feature on a future podcast be sure to let us know at or You never know, you could be our next guest. Don't forget to hit the RSS Icon on the left to get automatic updates!

We have also added a Forum Thread where you can ask our next customizer to be interviewed a question or share one of your custom techniques. You could hear your question of technique featured on the next Cast! We also have created a Posterous Page where you can also listen and it links to Facebook!

We have also created a Facebook page and would really appreciate a like if you feel can do so. Please also be sure to check out our Posterous Page where you can also listen and interact.

We get back into podcasting on 11-08-12. It was good to just sit down and shoot the proverbial Star Wars News Bull. We call this one CAFN Strikes Back! Download here!

We enjoyed a great interview with Jonathan of Pack Rat Studios on 10-04-12. We just had an absolute blast talking about some of his great builds including the Steampunk Iron Man that has over 50 points of articulation. We are definitely looking foward to getting him back on here in a few weeks for our kitbashing roundtable. Download here!

As everyone knows sometimes the best laid plans do not go the way they are supposed too. Our lightning roundtable was put on hold for a future date. As Plan B we give you our regular ramblings with Screaming Samurai Studios tagging along for the ride on 9-20-12! Enjoy! Download here!

We talk with Michael Cervantes of Screaming Samurai Studios on 9-06-12. Learn some awesome painting techniques using salt and facial cream and get a brief introduction into lighting up your ships. It is a jam packed episode and we also unveil our new segment of "Whats On Your Pegs?" where Chad and I and our guests share what new items they are seeing in their store. Don't worry that segment didn't take long! Download here!

Well guys we had a blast at C6 even for the likes of Lucasclones who could only be there for one day. We record our thoughts and impressions from this last great Celebration and look forward to the next one. We feel pretty good that we will be meeting up again and maybe in even greater force for customizing next go around. Believe us when we tell you we will definitely do what we can if CAFN and crew has anything to say about it!. Download here!

We talked with Frank Diorio of Diorama and Jamie Sillof of, Dayton Allen from Sith Fire 30 Creations, and our very own Luke Sprywalker in regards to all the great customizing events happening this year at Celebration 6. If this doesn't get you excited for Celebration 6 nothing will. We also get to start out with a great laugh where I try to explain to Frank what a hotspot is!. Download here!